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Outdoor Education Jobs

Outdoor education jobs are the front lines between the agency and the public. These jobs are some of the important because they serve as not only a mouthpiece for a government agency but also as an ear, listening and taking in questions and concerns. Their primary function is to provide outdoor education on a variety of topics and outdoor recreation information to ensure that the public is knowledgeable on outdoor ethics and are given timely and accurate information on outdoor recreation facility updates.

Outdoor educators come from many different backgrounds and have different educational journeys. Some study history or archeology. Others have a background in sciences such as biology or geology. Some studied to be teachers. Each one enjoys being outside and talking to people about national parks and forests.

Visitor Services

Education Technician

National Park Ranger

Types of Outdoor Education Jobs

Visitor Information Assistants – greet everyone who enters a Forest Service office or visitor center and provide information about National Forests. They also sell products like maps, permits and recreation passes.
Park Rangers – create and lead interpretive programs; work in and manage visitor centers; write interpretive signs, brochures, and digital stories; supervise volunteers
Park Guides – lead interpretive programs, work in visitor centers, post to social media
Education Technicians – lead educational programs, develop curriculum
Visitor Use Assistants – collect entrance fees, monitor parking lots and entrance gates
Visual Information Specialists – create park maps and brochures, update park websites
Volunteer Coordinators – recruit and train volunteers, manage volunteer activities
Supervisory Park Rangers – supervise and lead other interpreters, create weekly and annual work schedules, coach other interpreters on their programs, manage special projects 

The best way to get started in an outdoor education career is to get experience working in a related setting. Some jobs require experience handling money and making change. Others require a person who has experience developing programs and is comfortable with public speaking.

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