My Story


My Story

Since the time my father started taking me backpacking at the age of two, I’ve been raised in the outdoors. This is where I developed my love for the backcountry and protecting the very special places we can find recreation, rejuvenation, solitude and soul-finding—it’s what still drives me today.

I have received two degrees in Natural Resources Recreation Management: a Bachelor’s Degree at Humboldt State University, California and several years later obtained a Master’s Degree from Virginia Tech. I also guided whitewater rafting trips during the summer in between school semesters and for several years after graduating with a my Bachelor’s Degree.

During my professional career with the USDA Forest Service, I first started worked as a Trails Technician on the Eldorado National Forest for a few years before becoming a Wilderness Ranger. Over the span of my career, I have worked in various positions as I moved from forest to forest for promotions. These positions include: Recreation Technician, Special Uses Permit Administrator, Wilderness Manager, District Recreation Officer until recently moving to Montana to serve as a Forest Recreation Program Manager on the Bitterroot National Forest.

I’ve spent countless hours over the years recruiting and mentoring folks of all ages in navigating the world of federal government jobs and I am eager to share you the short cuts I’ve learned along the way.