How to Find Outdoor Jobs & the Challenges to Federal Employment

How to Find Outdoor Jobs & the Challenges to Federal Employment


Do you see yourself having a rewarding career where you are working outside and not trapped in a cubicle? Finding an outdoor job might just be the right career path for you! While there are many opportunities out there to apply for an outdoor job with several government agencies, there are many hurdles to gaining employment—but don’t let discourage you! Life in the Wildlands is here to share how to find outdoor jobs and what it takes to navigate through these challenges. Trust us, if you love living and working in beautiful outdoor environments, these outdoor careers are worth it!

Here a just a few tricks of the trade you should know and be aware of:

Where to Find Outdoor jobs?

What jobs are available? Although there are too many outdoor jobs to list here, you can visit our Discover Outdoor Careers page to learn more. 

Where do I apply? The USAjobs is the only site where you can apply for federal employment.

The Federal Application System is Hard to Navigate

The USAjobs application system is very challenging, preventing many qualified candidates from their application reaching the first round of processing. We’ve seen and experienced the struggle! All it takes is checking (or not checking) the right boxes or not uploading a SF-50 form proving previous federal employment. Most importantly, don’t sell yourself short! Answering the Knowledge, Skills and Ability questions in the application to accurately reflect your experience is key!

Federal Resumes are Vastly Different from Private Industry Jobs

Remember how we were taught to keep our resume to two pages?  Think again if you want to build a successful federal resume. Many don’t realize that how different these two are.  Click here to see how we can help.

Challenges Transitioning from Seasonal Outdoor Jobs to Permanent Federal Employment

Many are unaware of the hurdles between transitioning their careers from temporary seasonal employment to a permanent outdoor job.  It may be a sacrifice, but being able to be mobile and move to where federal job opportunities are located will only help you get you were you want in the long run. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Let us help you toward a career path that will get you outdoors.

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