See how Life in the Wildlands has made a difference

Allison Jolley


Becky is a phenomenal mentor. Every time I wok with her, I grow and have a lot of fun. She has taught me so about professionalism, communication and leadership in the wildfire management world. She’s a great listener, is extremely knowledgeable with knowing how to obtain jobs in the outdoors and she will help you level and find your next step!



I recently used the services of Life in the Wildlands, and I could not be more satisfied. Becky’s knowledge and expertise of gaining employment with the federal government is invaluable. Before I used her services, I thought I had a good resume. After she went over my resume extensively, I was blown away by her detailed edits and recommendations she made. Things I would have never thought of, she suggested. She was patient with me and explained everything with such passion. I have no doubt it my mind that I am better prepared for the next opportunity because of her. She not only helped me with my resume and cover letter but gave incredible insight for gaining better opportunities in my career in the outdoor realm.There is a lot of competition for these types of jobs and having her help gave me a leg up on the competition. Lastly, the pricing of her services are so reasonable and fair. Other services wanted way more money and are not nearly as personable and caring. I could tell she was very excited to help me. I never felt like a customer. I felt like she was my personal mentor.  In the end, she helped me get the outdoor job that I was striving for!

Kelly Currtis


Becky lives for being outside and she has a wealth of career experience in outdoor jobs. Her background in recreation supervisory positions gives her an edge when it comes to assisting others to achieve their dreams of working in outdoor jobs. I called her for inspiration and left with a full plan outlining my next steps. Totally worth the investment..

Kelly Brodehl


Becky has an amazing ability to empower others. I have seen her advice, guidance and mentoring give many people the information, resources and confidence to obtain government employment and promote to levels of even greater success!

Liz W.


Becky’s vast knowledge of federal language, ability to easily communicate her vision to others, and attention to detail made her the perfect coach as I worked to seek federal employment.

Several years ago, I considered transitioning from a career in the private sector to a position within the US Forest Service. I showed Becky my resume which wasn’t adequate for seeking federal employment. After her expert coaching and advice and some revisions, I now possessed the perfect federal resume which landed me a job with the US Forest Service.

I knew almost nothing about how to find and apply for any federal position or navigate the complex system of job postings. She was able to steer me in the right direction and explain the many acronyms and confusing language to find positions that were just what I sought and qualified for.

I am confident if I had not asked Becky for her help, my application would not have been reviewed and accepted. I owe her a debt of gratitude for her willingness to participate in multiple rewrites and patience as I navigated the federal employment system.