6 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Government Job

6 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Government Job


6 Benefits of Outdoor Jobs with the Federal Government

  1. Opportunity to Work in a Beautiful Place

I have had the opportunity to work in over 20 different national forests and several states, including Alaska! The amount of beauty in the natural world that I’ve been able to see, experience and work in and has given me memories that will last a lifetime.

  1. Get Paid to Make a Difference

One of the biggest benefits of an outdoor career working for a federal public land management agency such as the US Forest Service, National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management is the ability to make a lasting impact on the world around you and help sustain our country’s natural resources for future generations. There are many opportunities for field-going positions in wildland fire and natural resources including recreation, wilderness, outdoor education, wildlife, botany, timber, visitor services, park guides and park rangers. These agencies also hire for recent graduate positions and hire interns through non-profit entities that contribute to environmental stewardship.

  1. Get Paid to Have Fun and Stay in Shape

While working for the Forest Service, I have literally been paid to hike, backpack, boat, ride horses, ski and snowshoe and fly in a helicopter all while doing meaningful work that contributed to public land stewardship. Now, it may not be all fun, but the outdoor job duties I was assigned often required some level of exercise while working and kept me in great shape while also having fun. I was in the best shape of my life without having to go to a gym!

  1. Meet Amazing People From all over the Country and Build a Network of Natural Resource Professionals

Outdoor jobs with a federal government agency provides a great opportunity to meet outdoorsy, like-minded conservationists who share a passion for working in the outdoors and protecting the natural environment. In my 20+ year career with the Forest Service, I have made many lifetime friends and have built a strong professional network of people who are willing to share information, job opportunities, and learn from each other. In my experience, the majority of folks in these outdoor professions have little to no ego, are down to earth and like to have fun while doing meaningful conservation work.

  1. Work Seasonally and Get Your Winters Off to Play!

If you like to travel and see the world, seasonal jobs with the federal government are for you. I spent 8 years as a seasonal Forest Service employee, working only 6 months out of the year. When I got laid off each fall, I would collect unemployment and pick up various jobs that had little time commitment. This allowed me to travel to over 20 different countries, often spending 1-3 months internationally abroad, and it let me get the most out of my season pass at my local ski resort—some winters with 20-40 days of snowboarding!

  1. Federal Outdoor Conservation Jobs are in High Demand with Seasonal Vacancies Often Going Unfilled

Since the passing of the Great American Outdoors Act in the fall of 2020, the Forest Service has been scrambling to fill the needs for seasonal employment than in recent years. The legislation granted the agency with more funding than can barely be spent for the improvement of recreation infrastructure, including campgrounds, trails and wilderness.  Overall, this has decreased competition for entry-level positions with the Forest Service and now is a better time than ever to obtain your dream career in the outdoors.

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