Have you been interested in outdoor jobs and
don’t know where to start?

Or are you already a federal employee with an outdoor career that is struggling to make the next level in your career development?

Life in the Wildlands is a nonprofit organization that can help guide you on your journey to an outdoor career with our
federal resume and career counseling services!

Life in the Wildlands

Federal Outdoor Career Resume Development &  Counseling Services

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“I Didn’t Get the Job, WHY?”

Time and time again, candidates spend hours working on developing
their federal applications for outdoor jobs, only to be
rejected or never make it to the interview round.

And then you think to yourself “I should’ve qualified for that position!”

I’ve seen and experienced the struggle and this frustration has been shared more often than not with applicants nation-wide. Why?

Sometimes it’s not because you are underqualified or that there is stiff competition, but rather a misunderstanding of the federal application process or the difference between a federal and private industry resume.

It’s a process that is often challenging and cumbersome for all that attempt to engage it. But don’t let that discourage you!

Life in the Wildlands can help improve your chances of getting
outdoor jobs through federal application and
federal resume development services!

How Can Life in the Wildlands
Help Me Get Outdoor Jobs That
Are Right For ME?

So maybe you have found your dream job, a Park Ranger for the National Park Service or a wildland firefighter with the Forest Service. Where do you even begin? Where do you start?

Each outdoor job with federal agencies such as the Forest Service or National Park Service  have different experience and education requirements. But sometimes these aren’t enough to get your foot in the door. 

 I can help guide you in the right direction toward the outdoor job of your dreams with
my career counseling services!

6 Reasons to Start an Outdoor Job


Why Should  I Choose
Life in the Wildlands?

 Let me help you with a journey of a lifetime!

20 Years of Federal Experience

With over 20 years of experience working in the federal government, we understand the challenges to obtaining outdoor jobs with agencies such as the Forest Service & National Park Service.

Spending time on numerous hiring panels with federal agencies and reviewing countless applications,
we know the tips and tricks to navigate the federal application process at all levels, from
entry level to executive positions.

What Makes Us Different?

We recognize that each individual is unique in their stage of career development and the best value does not result from charging a flat fee like our competitors.

We’ve helped numerous clients improve their federal resume
and get outdoor jobs of their dreams by providing attentive & quality career counseling and federal resume writing services
to ensure success!

See How Life in the Wildlands Has Helped Others


 Becky’s knowledge and expertise of gaining employment with the federal government is invaluable.  After she went over my resume extensively,
I was blown away by her detailed edits and recommendations. She
was patient with me and explained everything with such passion.

 I never felt like a customer. I felt
like she was my personal mentor. In the end, she helped me get the outdoor job that I was striving for!

Paul L.


Becky’s vast knowledge of federal language, ability to easily communicate her vision to others, and attention to detail made her the perfect coach as I worked to seek federal employment.

I am confident if I had not sought her help, my application would not have been reviewed and accepted. 

After her expert coaching and advice and some revisions, I now possessed the perfect federal resume which landed me a job with the US Forest Service!

Liz W.

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To ensure you start on the right path toward rewarding outdoor jobs a public land steward,
Life in the Wildlands
offers advice, guidance and counseling services that
include federal resume-
building and assistance with
navigating the challenging
federal application processes.